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The purpose of this website is mainly the study of a subject from Histology :


The GT is the tissue of repair, the same as “bourgeon charnu de la peau”, the subject is also found in the practicals, see lower down.

GT shows a sequence of 3 phases and 3 layers which are not strictly separated in space nor in time: the fibrin-leucytic exsudation, a proliferation of new capillaries and a proliferation of fibroblasts. The name granulation is derived of its granular surface and has nothing to do with ‘granulome’, a formation found in specific inflammations such as tuberculosis.

Next we publish our manuel of practicals for histopathology.

Here the leading idea is the importance of design. For “Who does not draw, does not observe” Leonardo da Vinci.

It is exceptional to find a student who knows how to draw, but they can improve

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